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Inside the Tevion 5404


The Tevion 5404 appears to be three separate functions combined into a single equipment. These functions are:

  • Internet Radio (Using the Reciva Barracuda Module)
  • FM Radio
  • Alarm

You use the power button to toggle between the Internet Radio (IR) and the FM Radio functions. Holding in the power button switches the unit off.

You hold down the select button to access the Trebble / Bass / Alarm / Clock / press Reset Menu.

Tevion Differences

This seamless integration of functions leads to a few differences between this and other Reciva based radios:

  • Because the alarm is outside of the Internet Radio module, you cannot choose which station to start on, you can just choose buzzer, Internet Radio or FM Radio. The radio goes to the last known station. It is unclear what happens if no internet connection is available and IR is selected.
  • Because the clock is outside of the Internet Radio module, there does not appear to be any time synchronisation with the internet.
  • It appears that the display access is quite different to other radios. It is likely that this model uses I2C to access the display, and this bus is shared between the three functions. This means that the libreciva lcd library is not compatible with the radio (yet!). This can be seen when upgrading the firmware (even the Reciva official upgrades), when the display does not indicate progress.