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Is anyone looking into how the Sharpfin mod installation might be updated to work after firmware v257-a-865-a-040 (or -056 and subsequent updates) are installed?

I ask this last week in

Think there are some changes necessary in the patchserver when answering the upgrade-prozess.

Today i did a Wireshark WLAN-protocol whit my fritz box when upgrading "IPdio mini pro" to the newest firmware.

If anyone of the patchserver programming team wants this protocol i can sent it. Please contact me.


Don't know how to edit the table in the main page, but I'd like to report that I have been able to install software version 257-a-865-a-421 on my Revo Mondo using the standard install procedure, as well as Enhancement Pack 1.7. One thing I ran into which wasn't mentioned in the install guide: when copy-and-pasting the firmware version you want to install (in the webinterface), you need to make sure there is no space before or after the version number, otherwise the download will not work.