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Does anyone know if it is possible to map a sleep button in the same way as the snooze function recently added to the config.txt section?

Hi all,

I just thought I would post my experience, I may just be wittering, but hopefully it may fill in a few gaps in the page for newbies like me. Please feel free to move/edit/delete as you see fit

I just finally, after MUCH headbanging, successfully modded my IR100 (IPdio 257-a-421-a-057 firmware) with several of the mods described.

I think the most important thing is to understand vi, which is unbelievably obtuse to a Windows user, thankfully, there is a guide to commands here: [1]

It is essential to realize that vi is an old Unix or Linux program you are accessing from your PC, it is running on the Radio IN LINUX.



The key things to know are after you have logged into the radio, you need to et to /root/hwconfig, use the command 'cd /root/hwconfig' and us the 'ls' command to inspect a list of files and make sure you are in the right directory.

I would recommend testing a single mod @ first to make sure it appears on the radio and you have done it right (I used the history mod) This should also reduce the risk of saving a patch of gibberish to the file by mistake.

After you have modded and checked and rechecked the file, you need to press the ESC key to enter command mode to issue the save command and remount the drive as read only.

It really is as complicated as I make it sound, but then again, I managed it...

I freely admit that I am no expert just an average user, so please be aware that this is as far as I can help! If you damage your radio, you are as usual on your own!

I typed in all the mods EXACTLY as described on Sharpfin, below the second to last option entry, as I did not want to risk screwing up the format of the text below.

*Clock in top menu 
Did not appear
*My History - 
Present and potentially very useful.
*Alarms - max of 5 alarms available
Can set to Weekdays, weekends, a particular day or even once only.  The alarm is still buzzer, but tunes to a 
selected  station (which must be a preset when you program the alarm) rather than the last stream after three sets of rings.
*Clock format
There but a bit useless as the display defaults to 24hr if you have an alarm waiting.
*Volume on the select knob
There but annoying me already. Correction - the way to get the best from this is to set the 'proper' volume knob to max
and use the select knob only - Sure it sounds obvious...
*Power on by select knob
Works and is great, much better than groping about in the dark for the on button.
*<<Back and OFF in menus
Both present and very useful.

Why oh why do DSG not include these options? it is a gadget after all...



NOTE: I think this is unrelated, but after a power cycle, the radio refused to wake twice (not particularly unusual) but then had to be rescanned to find my network (which was)

Question: How many entries did you add? I tried it with approx. 5 entries and now the ir100 isn't working -> regards max


Hi Max,

I added a total of 8 'Option' edits taken directly from the list here, the Volume control By select was already there, so I just edited it to 'On' As stated above, the only problem was the clock on top menu, which did not work.

So a total of nine edits, no deletions, but all had a reasonable chance of success as I assume they had been tried before.

My firmware is 257-a-421-a-057, if that may be a factor.

Hope you get it sorted out!