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This radio first appeared in late 2006.


Front view
Rear view
Controls panel
Volume Control
Power switch and headphone socket

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Opening the BT Internet Radio

This is one of the easier radios to open.

  • Remove the 4 recessed screws from the back of the case.
  • Turn the radio upside down and carefully separate the two halves of the case by no more than 1 to 2 inches.
  • Look inside and you will see 3 red/black cables near the bottom of the case. Carefully detach them from the main circuit board.
  • You can now fully open up radio.
Front view


v255-c-194 - circa 2006

No official upgrades available as of April 2010.

User Manual

Power Supply Unit

Supplied with a 7.5V @ 1.1A switched mode mains power adapter. DC power plug specifications are: 5.5mm diameter/2.1mm inner diameter/12mm long barrel, centre positive polarity. If you are sourcing a replacement, note that a short 9mm length plug will NOT fit this radio properly.

How to add remote control to the BT Internet Radio