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The Sharpfin Repository

Now you can get anonymous access to the Sharpfin repository using Github. You probably have already installed git, if not you can install it simply by issuing the command:

   sudo apt-get install git-core git-gui git-doc

on a ubuntu/debian box or

   yum install git-core

on redhat/centos.

Instead for development under the WIN OS, install msysgit from:

In a cygwin shell 'bash', or on your Linux box, cd to the local directory you wish to use for the sharpfin code, and type:

   git clone

This will checkout the entire sharpfin tree.

You can get full details on how to use git from here:

If you just want to browse the source without using GIT, just go to the github site at


To compile, you will need a cross-compiler. Visit the Toolchain page for details on where to get / how to build a cross-compiler for the Reciva radios.


Installing git
Git Guide