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The goal of this project is to gather information about the Reciva 'Barracuda' radio module, in order to understand enough of the hardware to be able to provide alternative firmware. We are not interested in reverse-engineering or hacking the Reciva applications, only in running our own software on the device.

I'm an embedded firmware engineer, and I'm planning to spend some time on this project to see how hard it would be to get my own software up and running on the Barracuda hardware. If you think you can add anything to this project, feel free to use this wiki to share your information: add and edit!

Barracuda ?

'Barracuda' is the name of an embedded computer module which is the heart of the following internet radios:

  • Acoustic Energy Wifi Radio
  • The IMP radio
  • Logik IR100 (DSGI Plc L(Dixons, PC World, Currys)[1]
  • Morphy Richards Internet Radio - Web sitelisted on Reciva site [2]
  • BUSH TR2015WIFI Internet Radio - (The Bush radio site not yet available 2nd November 2006[3])
  • Scitec Corporation IR-001W (Japan)
  • dnt IPdio Wireless Internet-Radio [4]
  • Lots more! See our Radios page for a list

Other Systems

Other (non Reciva) internet radios:

  • Roku Labs R1000 Soundbridge Radio [5]
  • Pinnacle Soundbridge Wi-Fi radio (Rebranded Roku Soundbridge Radio)[6]